What is Medifarm S.r.l.?

Leader of the parallel import market, Medifarm holds over 200 licences to satisfy more than 2000 clients throughout Italy.
With an over 20-year experience in the pharmaceutical field, Medifarm is part of a European multinational group with offices in France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.

In strict compliance with the current (Italian) regulations, Medifarm aims at offering branded drugs already present in traditional market at lower prices since the parallel market of a drug is based on the difference in price applied to the same product by different members of the European Community. Medifarm S.r.l. parallel importation drugs are authorized by AIFA (Italian Medicine Agency) and are marketed on all the national territory.

Parallel importation

The parallel imported products are a valid alternative to those already present in Italy since they have the same therapeutic effects and safety of use as the drugs authorised in Italy, but at a more convenient price. Medifarm markets the imported products with an authorisation released by AIFA (AIP – Parallel Importation Authorisation) relabelling and repackaging them in order to be suitable for marketing in the national territory; it is necessary for the “parallel” product to be compliant with the one already present on the market. The repackaging is carried out by a firm which is authorised to secondary repackaging and, in our case, undergoes control by the British MHRA (Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency).



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